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Kentucky Applied Behavior Analyst Licensing Board

Applied Behavior Analyst Licensing Board
Kentucky Revised Statutes

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KRS 319C.010 Definitions for chapter.
KRS 319C.020 Use of titles "licensed behavior analyst" or "licensed assistant behavior analyst" -- Performance of services by person not licensed -- Persons not subject to chapter.
KRS 319C.030 Kentucky Applied Behavior Analysis Licensing Board -- Members -- Terms -- Reimbursement -- Limitation of liability.
KRS 319C.040 Meetings of board -- Quorum -- Employees -- Executive secretary to give bond and manage moneys.
KRS 319C.050 Powers and duties of board.
KRS 319C.060 Board's powers to regulate practice of applied behavior analysis -- Administrative regulations -- Fees.
KRS 319C.070 Probation, suspension, limitation, restriction, revocation, or nonissuance of license by board -- Reasons for.
KRS 319C.080 Application for license as licensed behavior analyst or licensed assistant behavior analyst -- Temporary license -- Duties of certification board.
KRS 319C.090 Persons credentialed in other jurisdictions.
KRS 319C.100 Duty to report felony conviction or suspicion of fraud or deceit.
KRS 319C.110 Sanctions against licensee or applicant after opportunity for administrative hearing -- Causes for disciplinary action -- Private admonishment not subject to disclosure.
KRS 319C.120 Reinstatement of lapsed, suspended, or revoked license -- Appeal to Franklin Circuit Court.
KRS 319C.130 Disposition of fees collected and penalties assessed -- Board's power to employ personnel and purchase materials and supplies.
KRS 319C.140 Patient's informed consent -- Confidentiality of medical information -- Administrative regulations governing telehealth services.
KRS 319C.990

Fine for violation of KRS 319C.202(1).